Size chard

1. Mesure your wrist 
How to Find Your Wrist Size
2. Choose your size and your fit style.
Size S
Circumference of bracelet: 20 cm / 7.9in / Size S
See how this bracelet fits you. If your wrist is 17 cm / 6.7in
Men's wrist circumference Fit
17cm / 6.7in Loose fit
18cm / 7.1in Normal fit
19cm / 7.5in Tight fit
Size M (Standard size for average man's wrist)
Circumference of bracelet: 21cm / 8.3in / Size M
See how this bracelet fits you. The average man's wrist is 18cm / 7.1in
Men's wrist circumference Fit
18cm / 7.1in Loose fit
19cm / 7.5in Normal fit
20cm / 7.9in Tight fit


Size L 
Circumference of bracelet: 22 cm / 8.7in / Size L
See how this bracelet fits you. If your wrist is 19 cm / 7.5in
Men's wrist circumference Fit
19cm / 7.5in Loose fit
20cm / 7.9in Normal fit
21cm / 8.3in Tight fit