Grounding facial mask
Grounding facial mask
Grounding facial mask
Grounding facial mask
Green grounding facial mask
moodboard Grounding facial mask
Grounding facial mask
Grounding facial mask


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Connect your face skin to the abundance of the Earth. 

Our luxury, stylish and sustainable Grounding Face Mask and 10-minute Ritual Kit, is a multi-sensory experience that we create to reconnect yourself to Mother Earth.The kit will allow you to enjoy and relax from the comfort of your home while receiving the unlimited energy of The Earth on the skin of your face. Our effortless experience will leave you energised and balanced.

Grounding is a scientifically-proven principle that connects you to the Earth. This contact transfers the Earth's natural energy into the body. So... how does it work? The Grounding Face Mask is connected via a cord to the ground port of an electrical outlet, but it doesn't run on electricity, it is connected to the grounding system of your home. 

The Grounding Face Ritual Kit includes everything you need: Grounding Face Mask + Connection Cord and Earth Connection Plug for your mains socket.

You can feel our special, soft fabric on your face while you are receiving all of Mother Nature's energy. It is made with Tencel, an environmentally-friendly material, and soft 100% cotton with silver threads. 


First take a moment just for you! We want you to enjoy this 10 minutes of ritual.

  1. Clean your face.
  2. Connect the mask into the earth connection plug.
  3. Spray water onto the Grounding Face Mask, this will help to hydrate your skin and activate the grounding conductivity of the fabric. 
  4. Lay your Grounding Face Mask on your face for 10+ Mins. If you want to enjoy it for a longer period of time, spray the mask again with water to keep the conductivity active. 

¡You can add some perfect mood by listening to your favourite music!



The Grounding Face Mask is washable. As it is a delicate luxury mask, we recommend that you hand wash the mask with a soft liquid detergent and then line dry.


Only connect your Grounding Face Mask using the supplied cord and plug.  For your safety, locate the connecting cord in such a way that it does not become tangled or a tripping hazard.